Your Best Guide to Guinea Pigs


Guinea Pig Care

Guinea Pig Care

Guinea pigs are likeable animals, they are as well the gentlest. That's why people loved to have it as a pet. They have no mean bones in their body. You wouldn't believe that they are once capable of existing in the wild.

Guinea pigs originated in the Andes Mountains of South America and are domesticated descendants of wild species. Though eaten in parts of South America, they are beloved pets in many cultures due to their docility and amenability to handling.

Caring for Guinea Pig

Available in short-haired and long-haired breeds, when properly handled from early in life, guinea
pigs rarely bite or scratch.

They should be kept in pairs, because they grow lonely and depressed alone. Males may be kept together, and do not show aggression if paired when young. Once integrated into the family, they will often whistle at the owner’s approach.


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Posted 69 days ago
Why do these ginnea pigs go in your clothes after shows him to your dog because mine keeps going in my clothes I need to know why the do that
Posted 69 days ago
Why do these ginnea pigs go in your clothes after shows him to your dog because mine keeps going in my clothes I need to know why the do that
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Jaleesa Romaniszyn
Posted 272 days ago

Jaleesa Romaniszyn
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]Jaleesa Romaniszyn[/url]
Posted 702 days ago
Me and my brother have convinced my parents to get 2 guinea pigs my brother wants to name his Frazzle and i want to name mine Gloppy. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!
Posted 752 days ago
One of the aby's in the pictures is an american, not aby. I have an abyssinian satin and she is the color of ginger named Cinammon Fuzz. She always trys to eat me, silly, cute, fluffy, little pig. : D : D
Posted 782 days ago
Is it ok to have one guinea pig?
If so I'll persuade my mother lol x
Petal Burrowbunch
Posted 828 days ago
A little Valentines treat for all guinea pig lovers! via @youtube
Posted 1000 days ago
I'm getting my 2 baby boys next month. so cute
Posted 1011 days ago
I'm going to get my gp's so soon I can't wait!!!
Posted 1117 days ago
I have just picked up a lovely little male piggy today. I have called him rodney :) The lady i got him off had 2 males together and they kept fighting so had to be seperated so hes no on his own. Im not to sure on his age. Maybe round 5 month the lady thought. I dont want to risk getting another baby male in case they fight again. He will be out alot threw the day so hopefully he will be a happy little guy x
Posted 1134 days ago
hoy me conpre un guinea pig y quisiera saver que comida osea vejetales caseros seles pueden dar
Posted 1144 days ago
my Guinea pigs are sooo cute! just got them yesterday. mine's called Fluffy and he is soooooooo fluffy!!! my bro got one and called him Lampard! (strange name for a Guinea pig!) this website is soooo reliable and i can come to it any time i need advice! :D
jazzy q
Posted 1152 days ago
they are so adroble i am getting some 2 months time!!!
Posted 1191 days ago
im holding my cute baby gp rite now he is SOOOOO cute they are a joy to have wen u buy them PLEASE take care of em
Posted 1218 days ago
Hope you like the link in this page :) outions_for_Pets_-_RabbitsandGuinea_pigs /pages.html
Posted 1222 days ago
matilda peterson
Posted 1223 days ago
those are really cute pix and thanks for the great advise:)
matilda peterson
Posted 1223 days ago
those are really cute pix and thanks for the great advise:)
Posted 1225 days ago
Just wanted to say what a brilliant site this is - lots of clear info.... and cute pix too! Thanks
Posted 1230 days ago
I love guinea pig so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much
Posted 1266 days ago
heather you need to take him to the vet, the scabs are mites bitting him. It can be very painful for him, as he will lose all of his coat, and will need anti biotics I lost one the same way
good luck
Posted 1273 days ago
i got 2 guinea pigs in august 2011 and 18th of november 2011 one of them died they were called spikey fred and archie and spikey fred died and i really dont no how and archie the one i have now has aperd with a few cuts and scabs plz can dr.enternet help me
Posted 1290 days ago
i just got some himalayon guinea pigs there white and grey with red eyes there onley 5 weeks old and they are called bubble and sqeack
Posted 1298 days ago
when I got guinea pigs,one of them was attacked by a neighbour's cat, so the next day we went out and bought another to keep GP1 company. Although they were both girls, GP2 turned out to be pregnant, and gave birth to GPs 3 and 4, a girl and boy. We got the boy neutered when he was 5 weeks old so he could live with the girls. One day when he was 5 months old, he wasn't eating or drinking and was just sitting in the corner shaking violently. We put him in the washing basket while we had some tea, keeping an eye on him. after tea, we took him to the vets.the half hour we waited to see them was agonising. when the vet had a look at him, he said "We have to put him down". it was a hard decision, but we let him go. we were'nt told what he had, and now I wonder what my life would be like with those two guinea pigs back. when I think of them it is almost impossible to smile. :'(
Posted 1305 days ago
my guinea pig rufus was 4 years old and died recently from bloat - he was taken straight to the vets but sadly did not make it, he was the most cutest pig ever he went everywhere with my son, the house is so quiet without him talking - guineas are the best ever pets you could wish for, just be careful of bloat :( we miss him soooo much
Posted 1308 days ago
Posted 1309 days ago
this website is so helpful i am getting a guinea pig and I've been doing a lot of finding and can't find a website with all the information i need but this helps me out well
Posted 1311 days ago
my guinea pig is about 5 months he has a friend called curry dave my guinea pig is called candy he is sooooooooooo cute
Posted 1323 days ago
my giunea pigs are so sweet and i really love them!!!!!!!
laura chapman
Posted 1342 days ago
my guinea pigs are about 10 weeks old! they are black and white i love them!
Posted 1348 days ago
i love my guinea pig so so so so so so Much | Resources | Add Links | Privacy | Disclaimer