Breeding Guinea Pigs


Breeding Guinea Pigs

Guinea  Pig Breeding

Most people who start off keeping animals as pets will, at some stage, contemplate the idea of breeding them. To some, breeding may be just to satisfy a curiosity and involve producing a few youngster which can be disposed of amongst one's friends or to the local pet shop. Others may take the process a whole lot further and may attempt breeding for profit or to produce fine exhibition stock.

Guinea Pig Breeding Age

Guinea Pig Breeding Age

Guinea pigs are often capable of breeding as young as 10 weeks of age but the resulting offspring are likely to be few in number and of inferior quality. It is best to start with a trio of 1 boar and 2 sows, the former not less than 3 months old, the latter not less than 5 months of age. A boar may be used for mating, but a sow should not be bred from after 3 years of age. A sow which has not been mated before she is 1 year old should also not be used for breeding as complications could ensue.

Guinea Pig Mating

The boar should be kept in a separate hutch and the sows brought to him for mating one at a time. On no account should more than one boar be kept together, especially in the presence of females, as fighting will ensue and some quite vicious injuries may result. The boar will soon attempt to mate with the sow who may express her emotions by making a lot of noise.

Guinea Pig Birth

Guinea Pig Birth

The period of gestation in the guinea pig is 65-70 days, rather long when compared with other rodents and rabbits, but this is compensated by the fact that the young are born in an advanced state; fully furred with the eyes open, and able to walk about and feed within a few hours of birth. A sow which has been successfully mated will show signs of pregnancy from about 30 days, when a noticeable increase in the girth of the abdomen will be seen.

The birth should not create too many problems. There should be an ample supply of bedding material in the breeding hutch and it is wise to have an enclosed compartment so that the sow feels more secure when giving birth.

Guinea Pig Rearing

A sow has only 2 milk glands, but she is well able to cope with an average litter of young which will take turns in suckling. The mother will feed the young for about 4 weeks but they will begin to take solid food fairly soon after the birth.

The babies should be sexed and separated at 4-5 weeks of age. Guinea pigs are not the easiest animals to sex and it is best to get your supplier to show you how this is done. By examining the genitals, it will be seen that the penis in the male is more prominent than the corresponding organ in the female.


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Posted 488 days ago
hi i rescue guinea pigs i took in a female n daughter n dad n son just before xmas she was preg again bless her n her daughter n son are only a few months old the birth went well she had 3 boys n one girl its so easy to sex them just press a little down below if a boy a penis will pop out !!!!! there is no need for these beautiful little creatures to be bred and bred unless of course you are a proper breeder i will make sure this little lady is not bred from any more i have in total in at the moment 9 i did have 12 until today,make sure you give youre preg girls extra fruit n veg
Posted 753 days ago
after my guinea pig giving birth to her first born and how many weeks can mate again?
Posted 815 days ago
Is it okay to buy and sell guinea pigs online?
Posted 1054 days ago
No Sam don't breed them! After a year old without having babies, female guinea pigs's pelvis bones fuse making it near impossible, or impossible for them to give birth. She would likely die! Also, she is so old, she probably wouldn't carry full term due to the stress on her body. Check out any number of sources online about breeding: ding.html

-Experienced Breeder
Posted 1140 days ago
Hi its sam , I wanted to find out if you can you put a six year old female and one year old male together, is it possible for them to breed?
Posted 1170 days ago
Hi its immy
me and friend have just mated our guinea pigs she hasn't gave birth yet but Im wondering if she is actuly pregnate also
I don't no wat to do
Posted 1205 days ago
hi im doing a research project on guinea pigs and this helped me a ton thanks :)
Posted 1222 days ago
Hi I just got a baby guinea pig and it is a boy
I want to get a girl is it safe to get a grown guinea
Pig or not, also I want to breed them but what do
I do if they breed with the babies???
Posted 1232 days ago
Jay (Below)

Hi Jay,

To first breed your guinea pig she should be no older than 8mths old as the pelvis closes. The best time to mate your guinea pig would be 4/5mths old,. After she has a healthy birth it is safe to breed again after. I'm afraid it would be too risky to breed your female now as you have waited to long and would be extremely risky for her to give birth at 11mths old or so

Hope that helped
Posted 1246 days ago
hi i am wanting to breed my guinea pigs in the spring and they will be 7 months old and i am wanting to breed with my cousins males they have three males and i have two females they have met before and one of my females and one of their males got on really well but the others didnt as much i want to breed both i dont know what to do does it matter with the seasons or could i breed them in january or february???
Posted 1255 days ago
ok i think my sisters guinea pig is pregnat but im not surehow to tell so how can i tell so soon.p.s.she is in a cage with a boy
Posted 1272 days ago
you could get her a friend from pets at home or where you got your one from
Roland Walker
Posted 1279 days ago
a few months ago my Guinea Pig who was called Cuty age 5years died and the female Silks is all alone at the moment where would be a good place to get her a friend ?
Posted 1315 days ago
hi 3 years ago i was bought 2 gunia who were spose to be 2 males and 3 months later we discovered one was pregant she had 4 babies which 2 we gave to my cousins the other to we kept sadly thay both died after 2 years i love gunia pigs and had got some more last march and had more babies i am now gunia pig mad in totally i have 5 gunia pigs now mommy who is in a cage with baby girl and dady who is a cage with 2 baby boys sadly the daddy started 2 abuse the runt of the litter he is blind in one eye now and i look after him and hand rear him i lov them
Posted 1319 days ago
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